It has been over a year now, since we first heard about  COVID-19. This Corona Virus has impacted our lives deeply. Some of us have even lost our loved ones. The entire world is mourning the loss of lives.

Our front-line workers and government are working tirelessly to keep all of us safe.

This is the time again to go back to the basics, as we fight the variant of concern. Wash and sanitize your hands more frequently, wear a mask and distance yourself from other, and yes, don’t travel around if not necessary

We, here at Bombay spices Saskatoon, routinely clean and sanitize every nook and corner that you need to touch so that you stay safe. We have put 2 sanitizing station, 1 at entry and 1 at exit for you. I ask every one of you to sanitize your hands when you walk in and out of the store. Don’t forget, we wear a mask and expect same in return from you.

Do it for yourself, do it for your family and friends, and neighbours. Do it for the humanity.

When its your turn, roll up the sleeve and STICK IT TO COVID. Get Vaccinated